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  • $379.99

Powerful air purifier that can purifies 282 cubic feet smoke-filled chamber in 3 minutes! The machine CDAR has a rated value for 320CFM. Cleans up to 698 square feet with 5 speed adjustments and 360-degree air inlet. Elegant circular design with convenient handle. Simply enjoy a blast of freshness by turning it on.

  • 5-filter technology includes Pre-Filter; Primary Effect Screen; Dust Deodorization net, High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Screen, and HEPA Screen.
  • Traps hairs, dusts, eliminated allergens from pet hair and pollen. High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Screen and Nano HEPA absorb and filter odors, formaldehyde, toluene, mold, spores, pollen and other harmful gases.
  • UV sterilizing layer kills harmful bacteria in the filters
  • LED smart display to monitor air quality, humidity and temperature in real time.